Creation had several different releases, all of the known variations are listed here.

First version

Dis side: Creation, Song For Jah, Wicked Man, Never Be Alone
Dat side: Galang, Never Be Alone (dub), Everlasting (dub), Wicked Man (dub)

Trevy Felix – Lead vocals, guitar
Joel Epps – Guitar, backing vocals
Noel Rhodes – Guitar, backing vocals
Owen Rose – Drums
Taharqa – Keyboards, backing vocals
Mark Tumolo – Bass
Additional keyboards and percussion, Fabian Cooke

Creation – LP, Baga Style 002
discog2a discog2b discog2c discog2d discog2e

Creation – Cassette, Baga Style
A limited run of cassettes, sold at live shows.
creation-v1-cassette-cov creation-v1-cassette-s1 creation-v1-cassette-s2

Creation – LP, Celluloid/Moving Target MT 018
creation-cell-1-f creation-cell-1-b


Updated version

For the updated version four new songs were recorded at three different 24 track studios in Los Angeles: Closer Now, Pieces Of AfricaNo Sleep Tonight and a new version of Galang. The new songs replaced the dub versions on the original LP version. The lineup of musicians was the same as the original LP version, but two background singers were added, Mashariki Ramey and Marina Bambino.

Dis side: Creation, Song For Jah, Wicked Man, Never Be Alone
Dat side: Closer Now, Pieces Of Africa, No Sleep Tonight, Galang

Creation – CD, Celluloid/Moving Target MTCD 018
creationCDcov1 creationCDcov1b creationCD1

Creation – Cassette, Celluloid/Moving Target MTC 018
creation-v2-cassette-cov-a creation-v2-cassette-cov-b

Creation – CD, Celluloid/Moving Target MTCD 018
creationCDcov3 creationCDcov3b creationCD3

Creation – CD, Celluloid/Moving Target MTCD 018
creationCDcov2 creationCDcov2b creationCD2

Remastered, expanded version

In 1999 Creation got the deluxe treatment, with a remaster and the inclusion of all eight studio tracks plus the three dubs from the original LP (the only thing missing is the original version of Galang).

Creation – CD, PGI – Candlestick 2664
creationCDcov4 creationCDcov4a creationCD4c creationCD4d creationCD4disc