Freedom Now

Freedom Now – CD, Knitting Factory/Stone Mountain KFW/SM 501

Freedom Now, Rough, Mek It Rock, Gun Smuggler, Chains, Tell Me, Time Stand Still, Vatican, Western Town, Who Know Better, Freedom Now (dub), Mek It Rock (dub)

Trevy Felix – Lead Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drum programs
Ray “Bassie” Felix – Bass, vocals
Binghi Cornwall – Keyboards
Lester “Lesterfari” Johnson – Lead guitar, vocals
Watson “Drummie” Duverney – Drums, background vocals
Wadi Gad – DJ
Ray “Tonto” Roberts – Drums
Fabian Cooke – Drum programming and keyboards
Michael Phillips – Guitar
Unity Horns (Will and Tim)
Mashariki – backing vocals
Aziz – backing vocals
Linnete Lewis – backing vocals
I-Wauta – keyboards

Freedom-cov Freedom-Now-CD-back Freedom-Now-CD-insert Freedom-disc
Sticker is on the outside wrapper, not the CD case