Rebel Lion

Beggar In A Goldmine
Dis Dem A Dis
Burden & Time
Press Along
Which Rebel?
Next To You
The World Is What It Is
Sign O’ The Times
All Roads
Praises To The King

Trevy Felix – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drum programming, background vocals
Ray “Bassie” Felix – Bass, vocals, background vocals
Wadi Daniel Gad – Drums, percussion, vocals
Binghi – Keyboards
Lesterfari – Lead and rhythm guitar, background vocals

Additional musicians:
Fabian Cooke – Drum programs, keyboards
Iauwata – keyboards
Michael Hyde – Keyboards
David, Danny, Al – horns


Rebel Lion – CD, Shanachie 45039

rebel-cov rebel-disc

Rebel Lion! postcard/sticker

Boom Shaka Rebel Lion postcard/sticker